light blue movers

Light Blue Movers begins with a longstanding friendship; Keyboardist Deron Johnson and Guitarist Gabriel Gordon met in LA years ago and began writing, performing, and recording together. Johnson toured with Miles Davis for years, appeared on the Doo Bop album, and was the last keyboardist to play with Miles. Gordon is a session and live player who has worked with many, most notably Meshell N’dgeOcello and Natalie Merchant. The pair began writing in earnest together in 2011. As their unique sound emerged, they took it to the stage, adding Drummer Adrian Harpham and Bassist Jonathan Levy

Adrian Harpham is as in-demand as it gets, with credits ranging from Henry Butler and Bernie Worrell to Donald Harrison and Screaming Headless Torsos. Jonathan Levy, has appeared on over 100 records as a session musician. After arriving in New York in 2011, Levy has worked with greats from Blitz The Ambassador to Jason Lindner to Steve Earle.

Light Blue Movers debut album ATLAS was released March 18th 2016 and features compositions from all of the band members, with Adrian Harpham in the producer’s chair. ATLAS has somber, impressionistic and soulful qualities with many layers of intricacy. The band strives for people to feel those qualities and escape their world to new frontiers in their mind. The band counts Miles, Radiohead, Bowie, and the Cocteau twins as influences, which are all evident but not overbearing. Progressive rhythmic sophistication and soul, balanced with funk and rock lay the foundation, with stunning vocals from guests Stephanie Mckay, Leyeux, Julian Coryell, Megan McCauley and Miss Kenichi.

ATLAS is a complex and intriguing album that challenges and delights.