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Brockett Parsons - The Brockettship | Out Now

“I want to welcome everyone to my first full-length album, The Brockettship. This is a journey into many different styles of music that I have loved over the years. After returning from Europe from the Lady Gaga tour in Feb 2018 i was in NYC visiting friends and family and realized that after years of touring that it was finally time to try and create something. I called up longtime friend and producer Adrian Harpham and asked if we could put something together from scratch and he said “lets’s go for it it’s time!” I stayed In NYC for three months and after about 25 days of recording we had the bulk of the music written and recorded. I played in the clubs of NYC for much of my career, and the setting of the big apple as well as memories of my extensive traveling of late, definitely influenced the vibe of what was produced. I want to thank all my friends, family, my brother Ames, my mom, Ashley, all my NYC musician friends, and all the the great musicians and artists who participated on this record. I also want to thank Lady Gaga for inspiring me and my partners to build the PianoArc keyboard, and for taking me all over the world and believing in me for over eight years. Thanks for listening everyone and I hope you enjoy it!”

  • Brockett Parsons


Produced by Adrian Harpham for Big Pulse Productions/ Co-produced by Brockett Parsons

All songs written by Brockett Parsons except where noted

Recorded by Adrian Harpham at Terminator A Studio, NYC/ Additional recording by Matt Muir at Kawari Sound, Philadelphia, PA & Roman Klun at HiHouse/Innsbruck Studios, Brooklyn, NY

Mixed and Mastered by Phil Nicolo at Studio 4 Recording, Philadelphia, PA / Additional mixing by Adrian Harpham

Brockett Parsons - piano, lead synth, fender rhodes, clavinet, hammond spinet organ, mellotron, moog bass, synth bass, vocoder, wurlitzer, minimoog, jupiter 

Adrian Harpham - drums, drum programming, foley, guitar, synth bass 

Ohene Savant - vocals / Peter Gunz - vocals  / Mononeon - bass / Jonny Shemz - vocals, guitar  / Gabriel Gordon - electric and acoustic guitars, all vocals  / Jonny Goood - bass / Jamareo Artis - bass / George SpankyMcCurdy - drums / Seamus Blake - tenor saxophone / James Genus - acoustic bass / Brian Newman - trumpet / Jason Arce - soprano and tenor sax