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Fima Ephron to release new album on Modern Icon

FIMA:On February 5th, 2016, a cold winters day in NYC, I had the good fortune of assembling a supremely talented group of musicians in the studio (Chris Potter-Sax, Adam Rogers-Guitar, Nate Smith-Drums, Kevin Hays-Keys, and David Torn-Loops). 10 hours later, there were 10 new pieces of music.  10 hours to record a whole record is a small amount of time, so it necessitated moving quickly and committing to takes, most of the music was recorded in one take. I couldn’t be happier with the results. The bulk of this music, was composed  during a break on a Chris Potter tour in 2013.  One leg of the tour, had ended in Nice, France. The next leg, was to pick up in Tromso Norway 9 days later. Rather then come home to NYC, I decided to lock myself in a small hotel room to concentrate on writing. The bulk of the tunes on this recording, are the result of that fruitful time.  In the interim, I did overdubs, edits, and mixing. This music is the result. My hope, is that it will in some way bring some positivity into the world, and that whoever is listening will find some enjoyment from having heard it.

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Adrian Harpham