Modern Icon Recordings


Radio show and Interview with Adrian Harpham discussing Modern Icon

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We play music from my imprint, Modern Icon Recordings and discuss the "process" :). Very fun and interesting dialog we had fun playing some of the new Light Blue Movers trax (and one oldie too)and discuss Léa Furnion's beautiful album covers. ALSO: Trax from the great, Stephanie Mckay. Trax from LEYEUX (aka (Jack Snyder)'s record from last year AND we previewed some of the deep cuts on the upcoming Brockett Parsons release (out now). It was also healing to have some discussion and reflection on the late Henry Butler.. I love these kinds of forums to discuss the music you make and also PLAY it because there is only so much you can actually say through words. Thanks, Brendan McGeehan!

Adrian Harpham